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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Thunderbird Resort Fan Page Adventure

What is Thunderbird Resort? I don't know then someone invited to join the promotion. They are giving away a free 2 night stay at Poro Point with Free SEAIR Flight. 

This is my entry to Win a Dream Vacation ^_^ it was posted on May 19 about a Week after they post the promotion.

But I'm not lucky to won this Promotion Cathy Dacio and Maki Criste was the two lucky winners. Since then I always check their Fan Page for Upcoming Promotion maybe a chance to win a Dream Vacation.

This was the most awaited movie for this year Eclipse from the Twilight Saga and Thunderbird Resort has a Twitter Promotion.

I join but not lucky to Won the tickets ^_^

That was the last Promotion for the month of June.

Waiting for the coming promotion and hoping to won a Vacation from Thunderbird Resort. 

It was July 5 when the admin posted the details of the July Promotion and after an hour my post about the promotion for my friend to know.

I share the promotion to my twitter friends


Before the Start of the July Promotion I already had 42 friends that like Thunderbird Resorts.

First task Invite all my friends to be a Fan and start documenting the whole month promotion. ^_^

Then start blogging about Thunderbird Resort. was my first blog About Thunderbird Resort. I joined the weekly promo for the 2000 Worth of GC at KOI Restaurant.

I change my status to gain more votes and more invite to be a Fan of Thunderbird Resort. I always check the news feed for new friend that like Thunderbird Resort and screen captured it.

The status almost stay for almost 13 hours hehehe ^_^

So I decided to post it to my second account for almost whole week of the promotion 

.After a week of promoting my entry, I'm not lucky to gain the Highest votes for that week. I place 3rd with 83 votes/likes and with the highest number of comment. I wish that the most commented entry will win but the highest votes/like wins gaining about 200 plus votes/likes.

New movie is Coming The Last Airbender and Thunderbird Resort was a sponsor for the advance screening happening on July 20 at Shangrila Cinema Cineplex. Once again I join because one of my friends encourages me to join Miss Rhea Flores. This is my entry post reblogging the latest post just a simple copy paste. :P
I won that promotion . Two ticket for the Advance Screening of The Last Airbender. I was so happy I blog about it for everyone to inform I won.

Then after the movie I write about my Thunderbird Resort Trip to their office and the Movie experience.

I think that was the end of the promotion for the month.

But I continue to repost the status to spread the word about the project of Thunderbird Resort.

I continue my promotion about Thunderbird Resort and My Blog. Just add a feature pages guest what Thunderbird Resort was the First Feature Page and Ongoing contest linked the Thunderbird Promo ^_^.

It's July 26 to 28 the blogger tour with Sir Vince of When in Manila, Hanna of and some other blogger at Thunderbird La Union. I try to apply and was not lucky to be invited ^_^. I just amazed that my online friend Ann Saturno post about Thunderbird Resort and she part of the Blogger Tour Astig !!!. I can't wait for their Blog about the whole Thunderbird Resort experience.

After the whole month of Promotion this is my result from 42 friends to a total of 174 friends. The whole month of promotion was great joining and winning. And that's my Thunderbird Resort Story - From your avid fan Resly George Amador.

Thunderbird Resort ONLINE: