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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruit Magic Winners

Catherine Dancio
Did you know that everytime you buy a Fruit Magic treat, you are helping farmers all over the country! That's because Fruit Magic uses fresh, local produce from the Philippines, so we're not helping ourselves to be healthy but helping our farmers too! so let's all be healthy and help others,
buy and drink Fruit Magic now and help others too!

Caroline B. Hatol

What a refreshing feeling everytime w/ my favorite fruitmagic strawberry shake!

 Cheryl Matias
Bonding moment's with my son Roche while enjoying delicious green mango shake of Fruit Magic! 

Jeniefer C. Espino

This is how I drink Fruit Magic the emo way.. =)

 Resly George Amador 
Enjoying a large cup of Fruit Magic shake while watching Then and Now concert.

Top 5 with the most number of votes Wins a pair of Ticket to Inception and 200 GC from Fruit Magic. 
I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that voted me on this contest and I want to congratulate each and everyone that join the Promotion. See at Cinema ^_^
Be a fan of Fruit Magic on Facebook for Update and Promotion.

We only juice fresh!
We are your partners in achieving a healthy lifestyle! Love life!

Everything is free just look for it